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BC Hydro
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Vancouver, BC
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Kristine Dela Rosa
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Source: BC Hydro
Job Title: Creative Designer
Job Number: BCH-R-0148-220518E1
Job Location: Dunsmuir 07, British Columbia, Canada

Powered by water… and by people like you

Providing clean electricity to 4 million customers takes a diverse workforce and that’s where you come
in. We need your talent to help us build major projects to meet growing demand. To help our
customers find clean energy solutions for their homes and businesses and to be ready to respond
during storms and outages to keep our system reliable.

Working for BC Hydro is meaningful. And now, the stakes have been raised as we work towards a
solution to climate change while safely providing clean, affordable electricity to our customers.

We offer a healthy work life balance, training opportunities and career progression. We’re proud to be
ranked as one of B.C.’s Top Employers and one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers. Join us as we
build an even cleaner B.C.


* Plans, coordinates, designs, edits and produces a wide range of internal and external BC Hydro
advertising, promotional material and publications (such as brochures, pamphlets, newsletters,
posters, technical manuals, BC Hydro Annual Report, original icons, cards, overhead slides,
banners, digital assets, videos, signage, etc.) to meet client’s and BC Hydro’s brand standard
requirements in required time frame.
* Interprets or provides sketches, photos, text, written instructions, etc. to conceptualize projects;
in coordination with Creative Production Coordinator evaluates work request and creative brief. If
required, meets with client and/or Creative Services Manager to discuss project specifications to
determine objectives, size, style, space limitations, desired presentation quality, color, texture,
paper stock, and provides specs to client. Follows BC Hydro’s brand standards and advises if
project does not meet standards.
* Determines the appropriate graphic software application and methods to be used in the design
of specific projects.
* Uses a variety of professional graphic design software with advanced features to create original
artwork, icons, and line drawings and to refine and edit photographic files to final reproduction
* Uses advanced skills and knowledge of photo editing software (such as Photoshop) to design
and manipulate artwork to achieve desired results.
* Uses advanced skills and knowledge of vector graphics editing software (such as Illustrator) to
design, create and manipulate original artwork.
* Uses advanced skills and knowledge of publishing and typesetting software (such as InDesign)
to layout complex projects.
* Liaises with clients at onset of project to determine feasibility, impact, audience. Reviews
creative brief. During the proofing process, manages the project with the client to incorporate any
revisions or additions and to incorporate various ideas from multiple contributors; solicits feedback
from co-workers for troubleshooting and creative input, provides peer coaching/critique to improve
operational excellence.
* Prepares detailed production instructions and printing specifications for external vendors,
printers, magazines and newspapers. Reviews online or physical colour proofs from external
vendors or printer if required.
* Provides support to clients by manipulating a variety of artwork, photographs, negatives, slides, needed. Converts, transfers, extracts and compresses digital files and photographs for PC,
Macintosh and web platforms.
* Coordinates with Creative Services Manager to manage deadlines within operational guidelines
to meet client’s requirements.
* Maintains digital files of illustrations, previous publications, and artwork. Provides paper stock
and production samples upon request.
* Controls and maintains image and digital file library.
* Performs duties of a minor nature related to the above duties that do not affect the rating of the


* Degree or diploma in Graphic Design, Digital Design or a related field (such as Fine Arts,
Marketing or Communications with a focus on design); plus four (4) years of recent experience
within the last five (5) years in a graphic design or digital design job involved in graphics, layout
and web publishing where experience using Adobe Creative Suite on Macintosh workstations in a
work server environment has been gained;
* Post-secondary courses in graphic/digital design with courses in graphic software within the last
two (2) years; plus six (6) years of recent experience within the last five (5) years in a graphic
design or digital design job in the graphic/digital design industry or advertising agency.
* Experience demonstrable through a portfolio of work.
* All the skills, knowledge and abilities of the Creative Production Coordinator job.
* Ability to plan, design, layout and produce a wide range of artwork.
* Knowledge of industry standard pre-press and print production techniques.
* Ability to interpret clients’ project objectives and explain design concepts to clients.
* Ability to create original artwork using advanced graphic software (such as Adobe Creative
* Ability to estimate lead times and production requirements to determine timeline milestones for
graphics and artwork assignments.
* Ability to coordinate, monitor and ensure projects and assignments meet required deadlines.
* Excellent understanding and knowledge of BC Hydro corporate graphics, digital and brand
* Well-developed oral and interpersonal communication skills.
* Well-developed ability to use Macintosh workstations in a work server environment.


This position is affiliated with the Movement of United Professionals union (MoveUP/COPE).


* This is a Group 9A MOU#85 Full-Time Regular (FTR) MoveUP opportunity on the team
headquartered at Dunsmuir in Vancouver.
* This role provides expert graphic design and creative services to clients throughout BC Hydro.
Plans, develops concepts and produces creative artwork for BC Hydro internal and external
projects, campaigns publications. Designs and produces digital marketing materials for paid and
organic channels.
* Experience in creating HTML5 ads and video editing is considered an asset.
* A skills test will be required as part of the selection process.
* This position will be posted concurrently.

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