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Government of British Columbia (GCPE)
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$57,100.09 - $81,400.18 annually
Victoria, BC
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Tara Kerner
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Short Description

We are searching for a graphic designer with experience creating high-quality communication materials and good typography in a fast-paced design and production environment. The position is a hybrid of both working from home and office. The candidate must have at least 3 combined years of education in graphic arts and a minimum 3 years experience working in the profession of graphic design/graphic communications. Must have Expert-level experience with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Long Description

Reporting to the Director/ Manager, Graphic Design Services, the graphic designer works as part of a client-oriented team to coordinate the design, management and production of a wide variety of communications materials. The graphic designer prepares and coordinates in-house graphic designs for printed and digital materials, advertising, events displays, presentations, etc. including final files for production. This position liaises with staff in the Government Communications and Public Engagement, King’s Printer and suppliers.
This position is fast-paced and deadline-driven, with a multitude of tasks and audiences. Some aspects of this position include but are not limited to: assessing client needs; coordinating timelines and content requirements; consistently presenting a strong design aesthetic; maintaining corporate graphic standards; creating clean production files in keeping with industry standards; and, working directly with clients from concept to final approval, to ensure delivery of press-ready production files within established timeframes.
The graphic designer is expected to maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise in graphic design with particular focus on print/digital materials targeted at international audiences, local interest groups, industry, government, and the general public. This position provides advice to senior management on services that impact a wide and diverse group of clients/staff. Advice is provided directly to the Premier’s Office, Government Communications and Public Engagement staff, Minister’s Office staff, communications directors, etc.

Coordinating design and production of visual (print and electronic) projects by:
• Collaborating with a group of ministry clients to determine communication requirements for presentations and publications/digital materials;
• Coordinating industry-standard creative services in the preparation of high-profile government documents, publications and graphics, working closely with King’s Printer and other suppliers;
• Evaluating and recommending project schedules and producing materials within deadlines;
• Establishing and maintaining positive creative working relationships with staff and clients;
• Investigating, advising on and/or recommending new publishing and graphic technology;
• Ensuring all equipment is properly maintained and software is current; and
• Responsible for quality control on all in-house design projects – ensuring designs and production files meet government and industry standards.

Consulting/advising by:
• Providing technical and creative direction to Government Communications and Public Engagement staff on high-profile, government print/digital products;
• Providing technical and creative advice to clients – from officials in the Premier’s Office, to Ministry Communication Directors; and
• Understanding communications procedures, practices and protocols to provide advice and guidance to staff on communications issues, responses and approaches.

Education and Experience:
• Diploma or post-secondary degree in graphic arts (at least 3 combined years of education);
• 3 years of consecutive experience in graphic design; and
• Expert-level experience with Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
Preference may be given to candidates with one or more of the following:
• Experience in design and production of long documents and reports, information graphics, large format displays, digital display graphics, visual brand elements, signs, vehicle graphics, multi-component design projects, etc.
• Experience working in a fast-paced design and production environment
• Experience managing multiple client projects with various deadlines.
• Experience working in a Windows networked environment.
• Experience working with corporate brand graphic standards and guidelines.
• Professional Designation (or membership status) with the Design Professionals of Canada, or the Registered Graphic Designers.

Candidates must be willing and able to:
• Understand and commit to a diverse and inclusive workplace.
• Work on-call and extended hours when needed and/or during emergency activations, including operational deployments across the province.
Successful completion of security screening requirements of the BC Public Service, which may include a criminal records check, and/or Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) check, and/or enhanced security screening checks as required by the ministry (Note: It is important that you read the job posting carefully to understand the specific security screening requirements pertaining to the position).

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
• Ability to work in high-pressure deadline-driven design studio.
• Expert-level knowledge and abilities in Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

• Communication involves using a broad range of communication styles and choosing the appropriate, effective way to communicate to audiences in diverse situations. This includes communicating in a respectful tone and manner; listening actively and communicating effectively with others; writing clearly and accurately in a variety of contexts and formats; listening and asking questions to understand other people’s viewpoints; and communicating issues in a timely manner.
• Critical Thinking is evaluating information that is fed to you, and determining how to interpret it, what to believe and whether something appears to be right or wrong. A person who employs critical thinking often adds the question “why” to “who, what, where, and when” in a particular situation. It often requires a lot of time, questions, and considerations and involves a longer process before arriving at a conclusion or decision.
• Impact and Influence is the ability to influence, persuade, or convince others to adopt a specific course of action. It involves the use of persuasive techniques, presentations or negotiation skills to achieve desired results.
• Innovation indicates an effort to improve performance by doing or promoting new things, such as introducing a previously unknown or untried solution or procedure to the specific area or organization.
• Planning, Organizing and Coordinating involves proactively planning, establishing priorities and allocating resources. It involves monitoring and adjusting work to accomplish goals and deliver multiple communication products on time.
• Relationship Building is working to build or maintain ethical relationships, networks or contacts with people who are, or may be, potentially helpful in achieving work-related goals and establishing advantages. This involves meeting ministry staff and key stakeholders, having regular contact with program area and stakeholders, (not just when you need something from them) and the ability to unearth nuggets that are productive and proactive.
• Self-discovery and awareness is understanding one’s thoughts, feelings, values and background and how they impact the success of the interaction and relationship, or how they may influence one’s work. It is recognizing one’s own biases by tracing them to their origins, through reflection and by noticing one’s own behaviour—and then intentionally seeking a way forward that positively impacts the interaction and relationship. It means maintaining new ways of thinking and acting when situations become difficult or uncertain, or in times of urgency.
• Sustained Learning means continually increasing your ability to build and maintain respectful and effective relationships with Indigenous peoples. Central to this competency is appreciating that there are many other cultural understandings of knowledge and ways of working that have legitimacy and deserve respect – and therefore require our continual learning and development, including direct exposure to cultural and community ways.
• Cultural agility is the ability to work respectfully, knowledgeably and effectively with Indigenous people. It is noticing and readily adapting to cultural uniqueness in order to create a sense of safety for all. It is openness to unfamiliar experiences, transforming feelings of nervousness or anxiety into curiosity and appreciation. It is examining one’s own culture and worldview and the culture of the BC Public Service, and to notice their commonalities and distinctions with Indigenous cultures and worldviews. It is recognition of the ways that personal and professional values may conflict or align with those of Indigenous people. It is the capacity to relate to or allow for differing cultural perspectives and being willing to experience a personal shift in perspective.

Application Instructions

If you are interested, please apply to the below link.