In response to the evolving professional landscape, the GDC is widening its audience so membership and certification are accessible to other disciplines in design communications.

To serve this path, the organization has evolved its name to the Design Professionals of Canada. Its two most relevant words (Design and Canada) reveal its shorthand name: ‘DesCan’.™

In step with the name change, the Society has expanded its visual identity. Adhering to our tradition of leadership, support, and advancement, the mark also now points to the future with one signal, a typographic “C”, which symbolizes Community, Certification, and Canada.

The mark is also a canvas and container for ideas and exploration. DesCan invites you to participate and be part of the change. Do you work in UX/UI, information architecture, graphic or digital design, or design education? Are you an aspiring design student, a design professional, or a design leader? This is open to members and the design communications industry. You can make your mark!

Take part in our journey and express what the future of design communications means to you. Download the stencil and fill your design inside the “C”. Designs and designers will be published and recognized on Instagram and our upcoming website.

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The Society is committed to leading, supporting, and
advancing professional design communications in Canada.
Community by Design.