The Design Professionals of Canada wish to acknowledge and thank the international photographers that helped make this website possible.

Each page of this website is a part of our story. The art direction for the website included a careful and deliberate curation of photography and part of the website experience is owed to the Unsplash photographers. We are grateful for the many talented individuals who assisted us.

Marianne Bos

Mathew Waring

Micheile Henderson

Mike Von

Nick Fewings

Omar Yehia

Paul Smith

Philipp Katzenberger

Ricardo Gomez Angel

Ryoji Iwata

Scott Rodgerson

Scott Webb

Shahadat Rahman


Talles Alves

This is engineering-Raeng

Will Malott

Ari He

Luke Stackpoole

Max Bender

Nirmal Rajendharkumar

Tavis Beck

UX Indonesia

Christina Wocintechchat

Mathew Schwartz

Studio Republic


Andre Robillard

Andrew Haimerl

Cristofer Jeschke


Jose Aljovin

Li Shanting

Taylor Heery

Benjamin Blattler

Braden Collum

David Werbrouck

Markus Spiske

Mwangi Gatheca

Nathan Dumlao

Nubelson Fernandes