Being a creative in a sea of business people, I needed to find a way to build clout in the organization and be seen as an expert. Getting my CDP Certification was a meaningful way to prove my expertise in the design field, plus it helped get me a promotion and raise!

Amanda Parker, CDP

Industry recognition, advancing your career and providing design leadership. Your aspirations supported by an established organization.

CDP™ Certified is the attained standard and signifier licensed to individuals whose services have met a rigorous and professional standard of work and who play a leadership role in the design communications industry.

Becoming CDP™ Certified is a combination of your education, a period of meeting relevant experience requirements, and having your work peer reviewed by the the National Certification Board.

Licensed by DesCan, CDP™ Certification can be obtained by individuals working in the following areas of design communications. International professionals can also apply for CDP™ Certification.

  • Design Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic/Communication Design
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Design Education

Prospective employers and clients are looking for competency, knowledge, and industry experience. The CDP™ Certified mark indicates your services meet a specific standard and this can influence your professional path.

CDP™ Certified individuals receive the CDP Certified certificate.

CDP™ Certified is a recognized mark of professional design services. The mark also stands for ethical business conduct — Certified individuals are expected to practice the DesCan Code of Ethics and accept the CDP Licensing Agreement. Applicants receive these after their successful peer review.

To show their industry leadership, Certified individuals are asked to share their opinion or experience once a year . This is completed by: mentoring a new designer, hosting a DesCan Business Case event, or publishing an article of their choosing in Design Currency.

Confirm your competency, your commitment to your profession, and connect with the growing CDP network.

Apply for CDP™ Certification


Applying for  CDP Certification is 3 steps:

1. Download template and build case study PDF
2. Complete form and upload case study PDF
3. Code of Ethics and Certification License

Ensure you qualify for this certification by first reviewing its requirements: Read CDP Certification Requirements


Download one of the following submission templates, follow its instructions, and build your case studies PDF submission.

–> Download InDesign template
–> Download XD template
–> Download Figma template


When completed building case studies PDF, fill out form below, and upload case studies PDF.

Your submission is then delivered to the National Certification Board for peer review. After the review, Certified applicants are required to accept the DesCan Code of Ethics and CDP Certification License Agreement. You will receive these after the review. 


CDP Certified individuals receive:

Use of  ‘CDP’ letters

Use of CDP Certified logomark

CDP Certified Certificate


CDP™ Certification

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    CDP™ Certification

    $300per year

    CDP™ Certification includes:

    • Accorded title of CDP
    • Use of CDP letters
    • Use of CDP Certified logomark
    • CDP Certified Certificate
    • DesCan Publishing opportunities
    • DesCan Mentoring opportunities
    • DesCan Board Member opportunities
    • DesCan Society events
    • DesCan Slack community