As a national body, advocate, and leader in the design communications industry, DesCan adheres to specific pillars of professional practice.

Our code of ethics is a guide of principles designed to help our members and the design industry conduct business with integrity. We also provide guidance and direction for dealing with spec work, understanding internships, and making a positive impact through the values of sustainability.

Code of Ethics

A responsibility and commitment to ethics. A code that bridges the relationship between the designer and the industry.

Professionalism and Integrity. Our organization’s ethical guidelines and best practices to ensure the balance between the member, the client, and the industry.

Spec Work & Contests

Professional associations across North America and abroad prohibit their members from engaging in submissions that request designs without guarantee of compensation.

Spec (speculative) work is when a client or organization requests designers to submit design solutions or concepts on the chance that they might “win” the contract or a prize. 


Internships can provide real-world exposure to the business of design and the pace of professional practice.

Internships can be a valuable component of practical education and help fortify the foundation of a professional career in the design communications industry. 


Sustainable design embraces social, cultural, economic and environmental values.

The complex and urgent nature of the global challenges we face require meaningful engagement, collaboration and innovation.