This is a distinctive step for your professional development and professional image. The design communications industry looks to you for leadership and to do great things. The Design Professionals of Canada congratulates you.

You are part of the growing CDP network.

  • You can now use the CDP™ Certified logo for self-promotion.
    Download CDP™ Certification logo
  • You can now use ‘CDP’ letters in your email signature.
  • You will receive your CDP Certified certificate my mail.


Once a year CDP individuals are asked to share their opinion or experience by completing one of the following:

  • Mentoring a new designer
  • Hosting a DesCan Business Case event
  • Publishing an article of your choosing in Design Currency.

Tell us how you want to show your CDP leadership at: 

Interested in becoming a DesCan Board member? Contact us at:

Congratulations on your CDP Certification!