Creative Earners 2021/22 Results

The 2021/2022 Creative Earners report is now available!

In collaboration with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), the Design Professionals of Canada (DesCan) is pleased to present the results of our 10th national survey of salaries and billing practices in the Canadian communication design industry

With data from over 3,200 people across Canada, this issue of the report shows what those across the country are charging, billing and earning. Along with current data, respondents to this edition give invaluable insight into what the future of the industry may look like.

“There’s strength in numbers and we’re grateful to the thousands of creatives from across the country who took the time to complete the survey and helped us comprehend the current financial and employment landscape for designers in Canada. The key to meaningful advancement of our industry, is to come together as a community.” Marga Lopez, CDP, DesCan President.