The Foundation is growing a fund to support design research and education, special projects, scholarships for students and professional designers.

The Foundation also has a benevolent fund offering short-term financial assistance to designers experiencing a career-challenging difficulty.

Thank you to all that generously donated to the Foundation in 2015.


2015 Donors:

Karen Brown, CDP
Peggy Cady, Fellow
Dave Coates, Fellow
Sue Colberg, CDP
Valerie Elliott, Fellow
Catherine Garden, Fellow
Cynthia Hoffos, Fellow
Jim Hudson, CDP
Casey Hrynkow, Fellow
Karin Jager, CDP
Marga Lopez, CDP
Michael Marshall, Fellow
Miriam MacPhail, CDP
Colin Maskell
Manoverboard Inc., Andrew Boardman, CDP
Dean McNeill, CDP
Craig Medwyduk, CDP
Anne O’Grady
Bardolf Paul, Fellow
Ken Paul, CDP
Elaine Prodor, Fellow
Rod Roodenburg, CDP
Brenda Sanderson, CDP
Adrian Shum, CDP
Rick Strong
Ron Tanasichuk (Ray Hrynkow Scholarship Fund)
Matt Warburton, Fellow
Ulrich Wodicka, Fellow
Jeope Wolfe, CDP


2015 In-kind Donors:

Craig Medwyduk, CDP and Jacqueline Germin, CDP of Odelay Design
Brand New Conference
Aaron Draplin
Communication Arts
Uppercase Magazine
GDC Vancouver Island
Peggy Cady, CDP, Fellow


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