The Foundation is growing a fund to support design research and education, special projects, scholarships for students and professional designers.

The Foundation also has a benevolent fund offering short-term financial assistance to designers experiencing a career-challenging difficulty.

Thank you to all that generously donated to the Foundation in 2019.



2019 Donors:

Anonymous 2
Linda  Blanchett
Andrew Boardman
Mark Busse, Fellow
Peggy Cady, Fellow
David Coates, Fellow
Doug Coates
Michael Cober, CDP
Sue Colberg
Hanno Ehses, Fellow
End2End Media
Wendy Frank
Casey Hrynkow, Fellow (RHSF)
Jim Hudson
Meredith Lindsay
John Lyttle
Miriam MacPhail
Mary Ann Maruska , Fellow
Dave Mason, Fellow
Naoko Masuda
Dean McNeill
Emrys Miller
Chris Mulligan
Oliver Oike
Bardolf Paul, Fellow
Hedi Peters
Melodi Peters
Mike Priebe
Elaine Prodor, Fellow
Brenda Sanderson
Sandra Scott
Carl Shura
Dale Simonson, Fellow
Judy Snaydon
Patrice Snopkowski
Laura Stobbe
Ron Tanasichuk  (RHSF)
GDC Vancouver Island Chapter (CLRNIS)
Matt Warburton, Fellow
Donika Wimalaratne
Nancy Wu


2019 Get Behind Design In-Kind Donors:

FITC Toronto
Design & Content
Design Thinkers, RGD
Brand New Conference, Armin Vit
Mike Monterio
Clubcard Printing
Font of the Month Club
Eye magazine
Mark Pilon

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