The Foundation is growing a fund to support design research and education, special projects, scholarships for students and professional designers.

The Foundation also has a benevolent fund offering short-term financial assistance to designers experiencing a career-challenging difficulty.

Thank you to all that generously donated to the Foundation in 2021.


2021 Donors:

Karen Brown, CDP
Tanea Brown
Andrew Boardman, CDP
Brandish Design (MBSF)
Peggy Cady, CDP, Fellow
Canada Type (CLRNISA)
Don Dickson, Fellow
Canadian Typography Archives (CLRNISA)
David Coates, CDP, Fellow
Doug Coates, CDP
Edge Advertising
Guppy Design (MBSF)
Don Dickson, Fellow
Valerie Elliott, Fellow
GDC Vancouver Island Chapter
Scott Gray
Honest Agency (MBSF)
Casey Hrynkow, Fellow (RHSF) in memory of Ray
Jim Hudson, CDP
Ion Design
Kevin Louis Design
Jessalyn King
Evan Kuz, CDP
Marga Lopez, CDP
Manoverboard (MBSF)
Amanda Maslany, CDP
Mary Ann Maruska, Fellow
Ivan Meade-Trevino, CDP
Dean McNeill, CDP
Natalie Nowkawalk
Relish New Brand Experience (MBSF)
Oliver Oike, CDP
’Segun Olude (MBSF)+
Bardolf Paul, Fellow
Alyssa Rewucki
Steven Rosenberg, CDP, Fellow
Mark Rutledge (CLRNISA)
Dale Simonson, Fellow
Sly Bird Creative (MBSF)
Judy Snaydon, CDP, Fellow
Johnathon Strebly, CDP
Ron Tanasichuk (RHSF) in memory of Ray Hrynkow
Matthew Warburton, CDP, Fellow
Donika Wimalaratne
Wilson School of Design 3rd Year Information Design Students: (CLRNISA):
Alexander Weitzel
Anna Ladd
Camille Clores
Christian Pagal
Christina Tran
Emlyn Rocha
Julian Doerschlag
Katie Koch
Kayli Koonar
Manesha Dulay
Miguel Peralta
Mikayla Croucher
Priya Sahota
Rachel De Freitas
Sarah Tan
Sukhman Jassal
Michael Cober, CDP (instructor)

In-Kind Donors:

Kath Boake
Burdock Brewery
Clubcard Printing
Font of the Month Club
Hemlock Printers
Met Printers
Mitchell Press
One Yoga for the People
Riding the Pine
Roodenburg Design Consultants


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