Professionalism and Integrity. Our organization’s ethical guidelines and best practices to ensure the balance between the member, the client, and the industry.


A responsibility and commitment to ethics. A code that bridges the relationship between the designer and the industry.

Our Code of Ethics recognizes our professional responsibility and our commitment to taking a courageous role in areas of society where designers have a conspicuous influence.

The DesCan Code of Ethics is categorized for so designers can access its information easily, and the Rules are supported by a set of Best Practices. Rules are more objective and easy to follow while Best Practices are nuanced guidelines for member behaviour. The Code of Ethics is a collaborative initiative by DesCan, RGD and SDGQ who created the unified Code together for their members to abide by in their professional practice.

Certified design professionals (CDPs) are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. Whether providing services to clients, working as employees, or servicing the design industry, those who have received CDP™ Certification are responsible for adhering to and practicing the DesCan Code of Ethics. The CDP™ Certified mark is a signal for professionalism and leadership in the industry.

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