Jim Rimmer Scholarship

Jim Rimmer

The Jim Rimmer Scholarship is awarded annually to students whose design work supports a community program, non-profit, social, or environmental cause.

The award is an opportunity for students to submit a project for a community program, a non-profit, or an environmental or social cause. Students who are currently enrolled in a design program in British Columbia or who have graduated within the past year are eligible. Scholarships will be awarded on the strength the solution, and how effectively it communicates a message, benefits a community, affects action and promotes change.

About Jim Rimmer:

Jim Rimmer was a pivotal influence in Canadian letterpress and private press. Many of his typefaces, such as Albertan are ubiquitous in print and digital graphic design worldwide. His stature as an icon was recognized in 2007 when he was awarded Fellowship by DesCan.

Sadly, Jim Rimmer passed away on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 after battling cancer. The scholarship was initially announced in November 2009 at Practivism, an annual DesCan Vancouver event. Jim knew of the scholarship in his name, though he was too ill to attend Practivism.

“Jim Rimmer is an icon of Canadian design, craftsmanship and ingenuity. This scholarship is a reminder to the new generation of design thinkers that we need to retain the principles of our craft, Jim led by example. His work and passion will always be an inspiration to our members and everyone in the design industry.“

Marga Lopez, CDP, DesCan National President 2022-

“We are very proud to support the next generation of designers in our community, through this fitting honour of Jim Rimmer’s contributions to the field with this scholarship.”

Dick Kouwenhoven, Founder, Hemlock Printers

Scholarships Awarded:

Two $1,000 scholarships from Hemlock Printers Ltd.

Who May Apply:

Students who are currently enrolled in a design program in British Columbia or who have graduated within the past year are eligible to apply. Entries are accepted from individuals or groups. Entrant must be a student member of DesCan.

What Kinds Of Projects Can Be Submitted:

The Jim Rimmer Scholarship is dedicated to demonstrating the value of outstanding design solutions that enhance and contribute to empower a community, a non-profit organization, or an environmental or social cause. Solutions should affect action and promote positive change.

Background: details of the supporting cause, non-profit or community, environmental or social cause and the challenges they face.

Applicants should submit a completed project or one currently in progress, and clearly explain how it meets the criteria of the scholarship. At least a portion of the project’s solution should consider print-based communications. Additional elements may include a variety of communication mediums such as outdoor signage, t-shirts, banner advertising, print-based advertising, websites, web-based or social media campaigns, or other communication-based media. Submissions are not limited to pro-bono work and projects do not need to be for actual clients.


Applications will be reviewed by a select panel of judges consisting of DesCan CDP Certified members and representatives from Hemlock Printers Ltd.

Criteria for Judging:

  • Solution: the design solution and its supporting rationale
  • Effectiveness: the impact (or potential impact if this cannot be measured) of the solution to advance the non-profit organization or cause being supported
  • DesCan Vancouver is not asking for design time or free ideas — we are asking for the presentation of ongoing or finished concepts and projects that demonstrate the use of design thinking to benefit their community and that effectively communicate a message, affect action and promote change
  • Submissions are not limited to pro-bono work
  • Judges, DesCan Vancouver and Hemlock Printers Ltd. reserve the right to award only one scholarship, or none, if they feel the submissions do not achieve a high enough caliber and fully meet the Scholarship criteria outlined
  • Submissions not awarded a scholarship will remain the intellectual property of the applicant. DesCan Vancouver will not implement any of the submitted projects or retain ownership of the submitted work. However, DesCan Vancouver and Hemlock Printers Ltd. reserve the right to showcase submitted projects for the promotion of the Jim Rimmer Scholarship, unless the applicant requests otherwise in writing
  • Scholarships are awarded to an individual student. Team or student group submissions must identify a student captain to receive the scholarship on behalf of the group. The ultimate distribution of funds among the group is the group’s responsibility.

Publication Rights:

DesCan Vancouver and Hemlock Printers Ltd. reserve the right to publish and promote completed projects made possible by the Jim Rimmer Scholarship. Scholarship recipients may also be asked to share their winning solutions with others in the graphic design community through promotions or announcements. DesCan Vancouver and Hemlock Printers Ltd. reserve the right to reproduce any submissions, along with pertinent case details, in materials produced to promote and support the Jim Rimmer Scholarship.

Key dates and submitting:

Submission Deadline: 2024 deadline to be announced

Upload your submission: Entries now closed.

Submissions Application Form: Click here to download.

Submissions Templates: Click here to download (Indesign and Figma).

Awards to be presented: Event date and details TBA

For more information contact:
Matt Warburton CDP, F.DesCan, Jim Rimmer Scholarship Chair matt_warburton@descan.ca

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