Submissions are made by applicants and adjudicated by a panel of CDP Certified designers and educators from across the country. Recipients receive financial awards that are applied directly to tuition fees.

The work below is by our 2023 DesCan scholarship recipients.

Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award

This national scholarship was created through a generous donation from Mark Rutledge CPD, to support an indigenous design student pursuing an education in graphic/communication design at a Canadian post-secondary college/university. This scholarship is established in honour of Mark’s mother, Cheryl Lynn, who was his support and inspiration and who passed away in 2016.

Winner: Kyle Rask
School: Capilano University, BC

“Through my experiences, I have realized the importance of creative expression and the impact it can have on both personal and professional fulfillment.” — Kyle Rask

“As a Métis individual hailing from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and a member of the Prince Albert Métis Nation Local 7, I am proud of my heritage and how growing up in a small Saskatchewan community shaped me.” — Kyle Rask

Judge’s comments:

“Very, very professional. I’m particularly drawn to the Nectar packaging! Vibrant colors. The vintage label thing has been done by many, but I welcome it here. Those fruit illustrations show a lot of restraint, too. Just the right amount of detail. I like those WWF posters. Direct, but not heavy-handed.”


Kyle Rask, Recipient, 2023 Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award

Kyle Rask, Recipient, 2023 Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award

DesCan Foundation Ray Hrynkow Scholarship

This national scholarship is awarded to a third-year student in a Canadian program whose submission has demonstrated a deep understanding of problem-solving through communication design. Created in honour of Ray Hrynkow, a respected Vancouver, BC design professional, teacher and DesCan Fellow who passed away in 2012. It is supported by Casey Hrynkow FGDC and other donors.

Winner: Cali Martin
School: Wilson School of Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, BC

“I am excited to delve deeper into the role for designers in supporting communities and promoting social innovation and sustainability. My drive for design stems from a desire to support people and make positive impacts in communities.” — Cali Martin

Judge’s comments:

“Excellent concept backed by strong research and ideation.”

“Clear depth of research and application of that research into thoughtful, compelling design solution.”

Cali Martin, Recipient 2023 Ray Hrynkow Scholarship

Cali Martin, Recipient 2023 Ray Hrynkow Scholarship

DesCan Foundation Manitoba Studio Fund (MSF) Scholarship Awards (x2)

The DesCan Foundation and seven Manitoba design studios have come together to provide two annual scholarships, from the Manitoba Studio Fund, to support historically marginalized students, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, (BIPOC), who are pursuing a degree or certificate in the field of design and design communications.

Winner: Sunmi Park
School: Red River College, Manitoba

“After my college education, I intend to work as a web designer in a design agency or advertisement company. I have four years of work experience as a web developer, and this knowledge will add to my value as a web designer.” — Sunmi Park

Judge’s comments:

“There is a serene quality to Sunmi’s work that I appreciate. Her portfolio shows great illustration skills, in addition to her typography and layout skills. Her work is simplistic and easy on the eye as an onlooker, which is what I think makes for great design. Good job!”

“Super-clean and economical work. Everything, including the PDF itself was nicely presented. The Sport Manitoba calendar was my favourite piece, especially in how the entire month was reduced to three lines each, yet still understandable. I wish I had thought of that! Very impressive.”


Sunmi Park, Recipient, 2023 Manitoba Studio Fund (MSF) Scholarship Award Winner (Red River College)

Sunmi Park, Recipient, 2023 Manitoba Studio Fund (MSF) Scholarship Award Winner (Red River College)

Winner: Charli Feener
University of Manitoba, Manitoba

“My passion for design has been cemented and I am eager to learn more and immerse myself into a design centric environment.” — Charli Feener

Judge’s comments:

“I really appreciated the fun, experimental and interactive nature of Charli’s pieces as well as the breadth of work she chose to present to us. I like how you can see injections of personality in her pieces and I think that, in addition to an understanding of design, you can see that she also has production and illustration skills. I think the best kind of design work is that which tells a story and these pieces are definitely concept driven.”

“Super-strong concepts throughout this portfolio. The construction of the book was a tad rough as indicated in the photo on page five – I probably would’ve left that out (I had construction issues when I was a student, so I can totally relate). Otherwise, I thought it was a pretty cool way to document a match. The book’s photos were solid. I loved the adventure pack, and the “Unsaid” project was thought-provoking.”

Charli Feener, Recipient, 2023 Manitoba Studio Fund (MSF) Scholarship Award Winner (University of Manitoba)

Charli Feener, Recipient, 2023 Manitoba Studio Fund (MSF) Scholarship Award Winner (University of Manitoba)

The judges for the National Scholarships were were Andrew Boardman, Sarah Jackson, Jocelyne Saulnier CDP, Allan Lorde, Leticia Spence and Shaun Vincent. Judging took place remotely in May 2023, and was coordinated by DesCan Education Chair, Aidan Rowe CDP.

Recipients receive scholarship awards that are applied directly to their tuition fees.

The DesCan National Scholarship Awards are funded through the DesCan Foundation and are coordinated by DesCan. Since 1956, the DesCan has been dedicated to establishing professional standards and supporting design practice in the workplace and in schools.

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