Togethering Campaign Launched

So good to see you!

Creativity can be a singular pursuit, relentlessly chasing the idea, the spark, the breakthrough. We are often alone, if only in our own heads.

TOGETHERING is the term we use for when we come together, at a gathering of the minds, in person at a DesCan event, or online here at We are a community, and TOGETHERING we can be stronger than we are, alone. TOGETHERING is belonging. TOGETHERING is connection both meaningful and productive.

So. Are you a current DesCan Member (former GDC)? Then join us by updating your information on and create a new profile and login credentials.

If you’re a lapsed Member, we’d like to welcome you back and ask you to enter your contact and billing information so we can be TOGETHERING, again.

Select the type of Membership you have (or used to have) from the list below, then complete and submit the form to:

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Campaign Writing: Pete Pallett   Design: Stu Ross